BASE Meeting in August at Bayside Landing in Crown Point

We had a super nice meeting yesterday of BASE (Beach Area Self-Employed). Every meeting we have had with this group has been different but I would describe this one as our “good energy meeting”. I started by asking the group if, as self-employed professionals, they were “optimistic, pessimistic or other”. I went first and having had a rotten week said that I was getting a little pessimistic. This was an extremely optimistic group though, and by the end of it I had changed my tune: From left to right

Rob Gordon (me) – Freelance project manager and tech writer

Kathleen Lisson – Massage therapist specializing in pre and post surgical massage

Alexander Hinojosa – owner of a recruiting and staffing firm.

Megan Hanson – technical writer and commercial film and video producer

Iris Clauss – Owner of “helping hands” – a senior concierge service

Justin Ricci – Independent programmer and application developer

Bruce Rowe – Technical Writer and Fiction Writer Not shown –

Cheryl Hudson – Manager for Co-munnity coworking in La Jolla, who came late and let me vent on her about a personal issue – thanks Cheryl!

We met a Bayside Landing in Crown Point which is super comfortable with lots of space. I thought our group was mostly coffee drinkers but I learned a few of our members don’t mind imbibing a little in the afternoon, so we will be going there again next month on October 12 at 1:30PM. Alexander Hinojosa will be hosting a discussion on “customer acquisition strategies” – hope to see you there.

Updated: October 6, 2017 — 6:41 pm